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Spread the PB&J Message
PB&J Campaign table at Whole Foods AppleFest; DC, October, 2012
Want to take the PB&J Campaign live? Groups across the country (and soon we hope across the world) are using PB&Js and information about the environmental benefits of a plant-based meal to empower their classmates and neighbors.

We may be able to supply brochures, PB&J-emblazoned shirts, extra promotion, and more for your tabling event or other activity. Below are:
  • Tips for making your event a success
  • Details of how we can help
Note: Please let us know about your request for any of the items in this section at least three weeks before your event, so we can be sure you get everything on time.
  • Literature: The PB&J Campaign can provide We are also happy to help you develop materials that integrate the PB&J Campaign message with your group's identity.
  • Apparel: Add flair to your event with PB&J Campaign tee shirts. They're only 15 dollars each, plus 5 dollars shipping for the entire order. If you're a nonprofit with a tight budget, we may be able to give you a discount.
  • Tablecloth: If you're serving food, a red and white checked tabelcloth (as in the picture above) gives the event a homey, picnic-y feel which may attract people to your table. They're 20 dollars, plus 5 dollars shipping per order. As with the shirts, we may be able to provide a discount to grassroots nonprofits.
  • Food Products and Coupons: In some cases, the PB&J Campaign may be able to supply your event with peanut butter (jelly is less likely) and/or coupons for peanut butter.

Remember to contact us at least three weeks in advance of your event if you would like any of these items.

Talking Points and Tone
So you've got the time, the place, the printed materials, and a tray of PB&J sandwiches, but what do you say when the interested passer-by stops to munch on some PB&J?
  • Don't forget the humble but tasty and inexpensive green salad
    First, and most importantly, focus on the positive benefits of eating a plant based meal (as opposed to the environmental harm caused by the livestock industry). A PB&J, like most other plant-based meals, is an easy and cheap way to fight global warming, save water, use less land, and cut pollution. Feel free to emphasize the benefits that fit the event; for example, you'll highlight the 133 gallons of water saved and pollution avoided if you're at a water quality event.
  • Keep it light and jolly. Sure, fighting environmental destruction is serious business, but peanut butter and jelly is fun even if it is helping the planet. Smile, feel free to crack jokes, and be as silly as you feel like being.
  • Avoid connections to bigger diet decisions. Our goal is to add another tool to your kit of actions for the environment. Think of eating a plant-based meal like taking out the recycling or riding your bike to work. This is not about making any life-long decisions. We have enormous respect for people who go vegan, but the unit of action for the PB&J Campaign is the single meal. However people identify or however they define their diets, they can have a big impact at their next meal by choosing something plant-based.

This is an opportunity to reach thousands of people who can hear or read about the awesome impact of eating low on the food chain, not just the people who get the brochures and sandwiches. Use the media to spread the message for you.
  • Internet: Tell the world! You're handing out PB&Js and turning people on to a fun, easy, cheap way they can make a difference. Post before and after the event on your website and on your Facebook Page, tweet about it, and take plenty of photos and video to post after (and for us to post too). Contact bloggers and tweeters who write about local events; let them know about yours.
  • Broadcast and Print: Make sure to email a media advisory to local reporters a few days before the event, and then a press release the day of the event (see the sample attachments). Campus and community print media can run the story, and radio and television stations can be there to spread the impact of the event. We can provide additional wbout the PB&J Campaign and the environmental impact of eating a plant-based meal as well as more tips about how to write and distribute media advisories and press releases.
  • Flyers: Post flyers in advance of the event to let people know where and when to get their PB&J and get turned on to the power of America's favorite sandwich. The PB&J Campaign can support you with language and logos for your event flyers.
  • Working with the PB&J Campaign: Keep us informed about how your event is progressing. We will endeavor to mention it through our social media channels. Take photos or videos during the event and send us the ones you like, or a link to the album. We won't publish any photos or videos without your permission. If you have a blog post or website write-up about your event, let us know so we can link to it. You can also tweet to @pbjcampaign so we can re- tweet.

Aprons and PB&J Campaign t-shirts may help the food outreach presentation
PB&J Campaign brochures are informative and fun, but not nearly as fun as brochures plus yummy sandwiches!
  • PB&Js (be creative): Sure, two slices of bread with jelly and peanut butter in between are pretty darn close to perfect, but feel free to experiment. Throw some fruit in there, switch in pumpkin butter for the jelly in the fall, have an almond butter option, offer a selection of breads (including at least one gluten-free variety). Quarter-sandwiches (triangles or squares) are quick to make and eat, look attractive, and help you get the most out of your bread and other ingredients.

    How much will you need? Here's a rough estimate: For a three-hour, fairly busy event, have a few jars of nut butters, a few jars of jelly, several pieces of fruit if you're using those, and several loaves of bread. What you don't use, you can always bring home or donate if it is unopened.

    *The PB&J Campaign isn't ONLY about the PB&J. You could hand out bean burritos, falafels, maybe cups of lentil soup on a cold day. Any tasty and simple plant-based food can make the point just as well.
  • Procuring Food: You could buy the food, but why do that when you can get it for free? Local businesses that might be shy about giving money to your group might have a much easier time donating bread, peanut butter, or jelly, or at least giving you a discount. Try local stores and small producers hungry for the publicity. Make sure to recognize them as supporters of the event, and make contact as far in advance as possible; some businesses take a while to consider donation requests.

    Also, as mentioned above, get in touch with us, as we are able to supply free jars and/or squeeze packs of peanut butter and/or almond butter from time to time.
  • Campus and Workplace Dining: Partner with your campus dining services or workplace cafeteria to get sandwich ingredients and publicize the event. More and more food services companies are looking for ways to go green and to collaborate with student groups and business customers. The PB&J Campaign has collaborated with Sodexo and campus dining services on PB&J-themed events, and other companies have their own low-on-the-food-chain initiatives. They have bread, they have peanut butter, they have jelly, they have might even have public relations staff... hmm.

    *Look at this as an opportunity to work with dining services to offer and promote more plant- based meal options in the long term. The PB&J Campaign is happy to consult on strategies for working with food services providers.

Key Dates
Any time is a great time to promote the environmental benefits of PB&J sandwiches and other simple plant-based meals. But a few dates stand out that might give your event added appeal.
  • Meatout — March 20 is a day to try meat-free foods. It's an international event that's been going on since 1985.
  • National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day — April 2: This is the big day of the year for PB&J and anything related.
  • The Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale (WVBS) — late April: During a week-long period, participants around the world hold vegan bake sales and do whatever they want with the proceeds. You can PB&J-ize this by baking some vegan peanut butter cookies and cupcakes, selling them at a prime venue, and donating the proceeds to a cause of your choice.
Meatout and the WVBS have their own promotion material that you can incorporate into your event.

More Info
For even more tips on putting on a fun and smooth yet high-impact PB&J event, download our Event Toolkit. It goes over some of the same topics here, and covers a few more areas. It also has sample press release and media announcements.

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