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About PB&J

Who We Are
The PB&J Campaign is an effort of private citizens concerned about the environment. We've been a little surprised by speculation that the PB&J Campaign is a front for the National Peanut Board or Smuckers (we're not). We are proud to be a project of A Well-Fed World (AWFW). AWFW focuses on actions we can take (such as choosing a PB&J sandwich for lunch) to help create a sustainable, earth-friendly future with enough food for all.

AWFW is a registered public charity, which means your donation to the PB&J Campaign is fully tax-deductible.

The PB&J Campaign is working to combat environmental destruction by reducing the amount of animal products people eat. The PB&J Campaign approaches positive change one meal at a time by illuminating the differences one single dining decision can make.

Join Us
Please check out our Facebook page; the mood is friendly and upbeat there. Feel free to join our Facebook Cause as well; it's a great way to spread the word and help the project. You can also follow us on Twitter. AND we're always looking for volunteers. Drop us a note if you're interested.

Contact Us.
Please email with any comments you have about the web site. Some of this info is a little tricky to explain, and we welcome any tips on how to present the message better.

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